Estonian company developing new military robot

06.04.2020, 12:30

During a time when people are laid off, salaries are cut and companies are downtrodden, Estonian company Milrem is trying to revolutionize the global defense industry by developing an entirely new kind of military robot.

Interior ministry: Foreigners who have lost their jobs must return to their home country

03.04.2020, 6:29

The Estonian government has approved amendments with the purpose of ensuring foreigners who have lost their jobs leave Estonia as soon as possible, spokespeople for the Ministry of the Interior said on Thursday.

Estonia not included in joint statement of 13 EU member states in support of rule of law

03.04.2020, 5:21

A joint statement issued by 13 EU countries on Wednesday calling for coronavirus emergency measures to be temporary and in line with rule of law principles showed that while Estonia and other states formerly shrouded by the Iron Curtain have been members of...

Government hopes to alleviate crisis using money

03.04.2020, 5:14

The government’s supplementary state budget bill forecasts nominal fiscal deficit at €1.5 billion this year that coupled with support measures comes to €2.6 billion.

Jan Palmer: Aviation will not be the same

01.04.2020, 3:51

CEO of ACMI services provider Regional Jet, subsidiary of state-owned Nordica, Jan Palmer (69) says in an interview that the company can hold out for a few months before requiring support from the owner to survive. The experienced CEO says that the current...

Estonian police discover over 160 quarantine violations

31.03.2020, 11:34

Estonian police while carrying out home visits and making phone calls to people who are supposed to stay at home have discovered over 160 cases where people have violated their quarantine.

Reinsalu: There will not be an era of silence

31.03.2020, 11:29

The rule of law will remain intact despite the partial suspension of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) in Estonia, Minister of Foreign Affairs Urmas Reinsalu said live on Postimees on Monday.

Doctors and medical students come to the aid of Kuressaare Hospital

31.03.2020, 11:25

Cardiologist Hasso Uuetoa, anesthesiologist Georgi Kruglov and three medical students decided to help out at Kuressaare Hospital this week.

Postimees analysis: First two weeks of crisis management

30.03.2020, 3:18

A crisis is not a time to be looking for culprits – a maxim that is both right and wrong. We find ourselves in a very bad situation together. A national witch hunt is unnecessary. However, the question of what we should learn from all this remains – what...

Crisis hotline 1247 now offers psychological first aid

27.03.2020, 4:27

The crisis hotline 1247 of the Emergency Response Centre now offers psychological first aid Assistance is provided in cooperation with the specialists of the 116 006 victim support crisis hotline of the Social Insurance Board.

Former Health Board employee: incompetence was obvious

27.03.2020, 4:17

Covid-19 has clearly put strain on nearly all the countries of the world. The preparedness of the Estonian Health Board (HB) for handling the crisis is being increasingly criticized. Some say that the HB has been coping well enough, but others have questioned...

The bad and very bad scenario of the Bank of Estonia

26.03.2020, 12:06

The economic standstill caused by the coronavirus is reaching an increasing number of enterprises with every passing day. “The latest crisis of 2008 was a party compared with this,” said Arto Aas, manager of the Estonian Employers’ Confederation. “The...

«Why shouldn’t we do the simple things on our own? Especially during a crisis»

25.03.2020, 2:39

Approximately a hundred larger and smaller enterprises are willing to contribute to the production of personal protective gear – masks and suits – which are in great demand during the crisis. But their good intentions tend to get tangled up in red tape.

Estonia imposes substantive restrictions on movement in public space

24.03.2020, 9:40

The Estonian government is imposing a new set of restrictions on movement in public space, Prime Minister Juri Ratas said at a press briefing introducing the new measures on Tuesday evening.  

An Estonian tried to warn Spain

24.03.2020, 11:32

Kristjan Kelt (42), a programmer residing in Luxembourg with his family for the past dozen years, took a couple of days off at the end of next to last week. “I had to survive somehow,” he explained. “Not just myself but all the others as well.”

Estonian researchers creating a new virus analysis

23.03.2020, 5:05

The coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 analyses currently used are too cumbersome and expensive, as well as inaccurate in certain circumstances, says Academician Mart Ustav, Professor of biomedical technology at the University of Tartu institute of technology and the...

Swedbank fined SEK 4 billion for serious deficiencies in combating money laundering

20.03.2020, 10:22

Swedbank AB has had serious deficiencies in its management of the risk of money laundering in its Baltic operations and is to be issued an administrative fine of four billion Swedish kronor, or altogether 360 million euros, it appears from parallel...

Free testing based on referral from family doctor to be launched in 8 cities

20.03.2020, 10:15

In the next few days, expanded testing for coronavirus will begin in eight Estonian cities on the basis of a referral from a family doctor.

Estonia to introduce €2 billion package of economic support measures

20.03.2020, 10:12

Estonia is to introduce a package of economic measures aimed at mitigating the effects of the coronavirus. The total cost of the package is €2 billion, representing nearly 7 percent of GDP, the state will also temporarily halt contributions to the second...

Daily Postimees publishes front page ad requesting Poland's help in Estonians' return home

19.03.2020, 3:59

In an advertisement published on the front page of the Thursday edition of Postimees, the Estonian daily is asking that the Polish government allow Estonian citizens to return home through Poland without restrictions.

Only people in risk groups to be tested for coronavirus

19.03.2020, 9:40

Testing for the novel coronavirus will still primarily concern people over the age of 60 and people with chronic illness. Everyone else who suspects they have the virus will have to go on living in uncertainty and are expected to contact their family doctor...

State to reimburse 70 percent of salary of employees of companies experiencing difficulties

19.03.2020, 9:34

The supervisory board of the Unemployment Insurance Fund reached an agreement on Wednesday evening that, in order to avoid layoffs in companies experiencing difficulties due to the current coronavirus outbreak, the fund will reimburse 70 percent of the...

Ministry: No reason for panic buying

18.03.2020, 11:19

The Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications has said that there is no reason for panic buying despite the spread of the coronavirus. 

Support for Center climbing amid coronavirus crisis

18.03.2020, 11:16

The approval ratings of Estonia’s opposition parties are at a record low as the country is making efforts to handle the coronavirus crisis, while support for the Center Party, the government coalition’s senior force, is constantly growing, it appears from...

Companies close to the border fear disaster

18.03.2020, 11:12

Several companies in Southeast Estonia are heading for a catastrophe as they have lost access to both Ukrainian and Latvian labor.