Zapad AA drill a budget battle

20.09.2017, 1:31

The Belarusian defense ministry allowed accredited journalists to monitor an anti-air drill at the Domanovo training grounds on Tuesday.

App to help IT professionals find better offers

20.09.2017, 1:26

Estonia, like all Nordic countries, is in big trouble as all IT-proficient people have long since been recruited in a situation where satisfying clients’ needs requires increasingly substantial software development. Two options remain: to find new people...

Noot’s apology ends handshake scandal

19.09.2017, 1:34

Saturday marked the 32nd Jõhvi people’s marathon. The 9-kilometer main distance was won by Kenyan Ibrahim Mukunga Wachira who has competed and won a number of competitions in Estonia in recent years. Mukunga Wachira is the training partner of Estonian...

Former president of Belarus: Lukashenko is Putin’s slave

19.09.2017, 8:38

Former president of Belarus Stanislav Shushkevich says that Russian can do whatever it wants in Belarus as President Alexander Lukashenko is dependent on Russia and is basically Vladimir Putin’s slave.

Kofkin destined to win kiosks procurement?

15.09.2017, 5:09

A competition for who gets to run kiosks in Tallinn in 2008 was supposed to go the way of businessman Alexander Kofkin’s company – all city officials had to do was draw up the paperwork, former city official Alexander Pihlo said yesterday, as the trial of...

Police bans Euroacademy from taking foreign students

15.09.2017, 5:08

The Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) has designated Tallinn private higher education provider Euroacademy an untrustworthy institution and refuses to issue residence permits for the school’s students.

Spy who ensnared Kohver now in prison

14.09.2017, 2:21

The man who helped trap Estonian Internal Security Service (KAPO) operative Eston Kohver in September of 2014 has been imprisoned in Estonia since February last, Buzzfeed reports.

Anarchy rules at Kaagvere school

14.09.2017, 2:19

It is difficult to call what is happening at the Maarjamaa Educational College in Kaagvere anything other than anarchy – students trip the school’s fire alarm at least a few times every hour, opening all doors and allowing gangs of boys to scale the fence...

Ilves: our e-state and digital services are unique in the world

13.09.2017, 3:04

Toomas Hendrik Ilves continues to be a speaker for the e-state as an ex-president. He has given more than 30 interviews and comments to the foreign press and participated in dozens of conferences from the USA to Japan on topics of the digital state,...

Estonia wants to make Google and Facebook pay

12.09.2017, 2:35

Estonia will make a proposal to end the tax freedom and competition distortion by technology giants, like Google and Facebook, on European markets at next week’s ECOFIN meeting in Tallinn, an EU presidency memo at Postimees’ disposal suggests.

Coalition looking at sporadic minority

12.09.2017, 2:31

The fall session of the Riigikogu that kicked off yesterday promises to be nerve-racking for those involved – in addition to what is now only a slim majority on the floor, ruling parties find themselves outnumbered in the foreign affairs and defense...

Khodorkovsky cannot imagine return of Crimea

11.09.2017, 12:56

Russian dissident and former oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky believes that replacing President Vladimir Putin would change nothing in Russia, which is why an overhaul of the entire political system is needed – to make Russia a federation in more than just...

Real estate more profitable than railroad

08.09.2017, 5:08

One of Estonia’s wealthiest entrepreneurs, Oleg Ossinovski, is about to take money he has used in the railroad business into real estate, hoping to earn more by building apartments in the center of Tallinn than he does in the declining Estonian railroad...

Reps would restrict high school attendance

08.09.2017, 5:01

Minister of Education and Research Mailis Reps (Center) proposed a grade average threshold for basic school graduates who want to attend high school yesterday. Those below the grade average would be forced to attend vocational school as the idea also...

ID-card tip from Czech scientists

07.09.2017, 9:40

Postimees’ sources suggest that the suspicion concerning the security of Estonian ID-cards comes from Czech scientists scheduled to publish their work in October.

Court gives green light to Reidi road

07.09.2017, 9:36

Tallinn Administrative Court decided not to satisfy a claim against Tallinn’s Reidi road project; greens to analyze ruling before deciding on future steps.

Shady sums greater than state budget

06.09.2017, 3:19

Both the Moldovan money laundering device published in Postimees this spring and the Azerbaijani instrument published in Äripäev on Monday that form the greater Laundromat scheme have shed light on the dark side of Estonian banking. While transfers were made...

Criminals could have theoretically made digital clones

06.09.2017, 3:16

If the ID-card security risk Prime Minister Jüri Ratas turned into news yesterday would materialize, it would allow hackers willing to spend the money to create digital clones of Estonian residents.

Eesti Gaas declares war on district heating

05.09.2017, 3:46

Gas provider Eesti Gaas has turned to the justice chancellor to demand redrawing of Tallinn’s heating districts and abolition of regulation that obligates buildings in heating districts to switch from gas heating to Utilitas district heating after carrying...

Danske mediated bribes from Azerbaijan

05.09.2017, 3:43

Accounts of the Estonian branch of Danske Bank made it possible to move millions of euros in bribes from Azerbaijan, an international investigative journalism project reveals.

Estonian ID card security risk calls into question security of e-elections

05.09.2017, 2:17

A security risk which has been identified with 750,000 Estonian ID cards issued after Oct. 16, 2014 calls into question the security of e-elections and the decision regarding whether e-elections will take place this fall or not must be made by the National...

Center to make exception for Savisaar

04.09.2017, 3:22

The council of the Center Party approved a statement yesterday, according to which members running against the party this fall cannot continue as such.

Outlaws to be released from Harku

04.09.2017, 3:18

This week will mark the release of two detainees of the Harku Detention Center, one of whom is an ex-convict, Estonia has not managed to expel.

Video: father and son were hit by a train

04.09.2017, 11:49

A father and son were hit by a train in Kohila on Friday morning. The child escaped unharmed and the father with only minor injuries.

Third warning led to closing of curricula

01.09.2017, 10:22

A part of students who applied in good faith to the Euroacademy this summer were in for an unpleasant surprise: longstanding shortcomings led to a ministerial directive that will take away the school’s right to teach two specialties.

KGB man in Savisaar-Mõis election coalition

01.09.2017, 10:18

The October local elections list of Savisaar’s Election Coalition and Active Tallinn includes former Soviet security officer Valeri Konovalov.

Free refuse collection would cost millions

31.08.2017, 5:47

Assessments by leading waste handlers Ragn Sells and Eesti Keskkonnateenused put the cost of free waste collection promised by the election coalition of Edgar Savisaar and Urmas Sõõrumaa in Tallinn in the same ballpark as that of the capital’s free public...

More education equals a longer life

31.08.2017, 5:37

A paper published in the British Medical Journal by a team led by Estonian scientist Taavi Tillmann shows that pursuing education directly reduces risk of heart attack.

Successful family company to build plywood factory

30.08.2017, 6:02

Timber group Lemeks founded a subsidiary called Estonian Plywood in July. Nearly 10 hectares of industrial land has been bought in Viruvere, near Jõgeva to begin production of birch veneer and plywood.

Russia refers to Zapad as just an anti-terrorist drill

30.08.2017, 5:57

Practicing an air and naval blockade near the Suwalki gap connecting the Baltics to their NATO allies is merely a part of an anti-terrorist drill, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Aleksandr Fomin said when introducing the Zapad 2017 major training exercise...

Laidvee wants Estonia to manage Rail Baltic

29.08.2017, 6:09

Estonian Railways, previously skeptical of Rail Baltic, is plotting a course for Europe under new CEO Erik Laidvee who recommends today’s high school students aim for specialties tied to the western-gauge railroad.

Two people die in motorized deltaplane accident

28.08.2017, 1:59

Two people died in a motorized deltaplane accident on Sunday in Estonia's Rapla County.

Driverless buses traveled 1,300 km in month in Tallinn

28.08.2017, 12:52

Self-driving buses, which in the framework of a pilot project carried passengers between Viru Square and the Tallinn Creative Hub (Kultuurikatel) six days per week until Aug. 26, carried around 5,500 people and traveled 1,300 kilometers in a month.

A step into Latvia

28.08.2017, 12:18

A survey ordered by Postimees and carried out by pollster Kantar Emor suggests nearly 30 percent of Estonians between the ages of 17 and 74 have been to Latvia to purchase alcohol or have had their acquaintances bring them some this year.

Savisaar and Mõis – Active Tallinn?

28.08.2017, 12:13

From press conference to press conference: head of the 35-strong election coalition Active Tallinn Jüri Mõis and accused at trial Edgar Savisaar, as the leader of an election coalition of his own name, plan to keep the public in suspense for as long as...

Pharmacists accuse Samost of bias

25.08.2017, 4:36

The Estonian Chamber of Dispensing Chemists and the Estonian Pharmacists’ Union accuse head of public broadcaster ERR’s news portal Anvar Samost of bias and representing the interests of a single chain of drugstores. Samost claims the accusations include...

One must want citizenship

25.08.2017, 3:39

Economist and former politician Tiit Made proposed abolishing so-called gray passports and giving stateless persons a year to decide what country’s citizenship they want at a meeting of the August 20th Club last Sunday. “In that time, people can either...

NATO Afghanistan deliberations still in the future

24.08.2017, 4:48

NATO allies know little about new plans the USA has for Afghanistan, says Minister of Defense Jüri Luik (IRL).

Nightclub fire to cover up double murder

23.08.2017, 12:59

It is one of the more complicated murder investigations of recent years, head of the Northern Police Prefecture’s criminal service Rait Pikaro admits. At the same time the Estonian press wrote about the arrest of head of the Kemerovo group Slava Gulevitš in...

Citizens against bigger migration quota

23.08.2017, 12:55

An August poll suggests that 72 percent of Estonian citizens do not deem it necessary to increase the country’s immigration quota. The survey also found that 63 percent of people believe Estonia does not need labor from outside the EU.

Simson: entrepreneurs too hung up on tax incentives

22.08.2017, 3:58

Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kadri Simson (Center Party) says in an interview that Estonian entrepreneurs have over the years been brainwashed into thinking the Reform Party is the only force that represents their interests. Companies should...

Risky train car business given green light

21.08.2017, 2:18

Even though the supervisory board of state-owned rail infrastructure company EVR Cargo approved the company’s now infamous Russian railcar deal yesterday, chairman Neeme Jõgi emphasizes that the decision was conditional. He still finds the business to sport...

Scientists working on AI in Tartu

21.08.2017, 2:08

Tartu has become the home of an international high-level working group of scientists that can now, after four years of hard work, create artificial neural networks that function similarly to the human brain, as well as train and make them cooperate.

Video: European Universities Debating Championship in Tallinn

19.08.2017, 8:40

The European Universities Debating Championship (EUDC) is an annual tournament in which debating societies from universities across Europe compete. EUDC 2017 takes place from 13-20 August in Tallinn, with the main events held in Tallinn University of...

Skatepark in campaign focus

18.08.2017, 12:35

Local government council elections will for the first time be open to 16- and 17-year-olds this October. They number around 24,000. This considerable number of new voters merits social media campaigns and promises of extreme sports parks, while not all...

Mõis’ plan for Center’s voters shock to FTC

18.08.2017, 12:31

Talks between election coalitions Free Tallinn Citizen (FTC) and Active Tallinn (AC) for cooperation in the upcoming local elections fell apart with a bang yesterday. Leading figures of FTC said they were shocked by the attitude of Jüri Mõis and other...

ERR paid close to €15 million for soccer rights

16.08.2017, 11:39

Chairman of the board of public broadcaster (ERR) Erik Roose and head of the sports desk Rivo Saarna gave explanations to the organization’s council yesterday regarding the Estonian Soccer Association’s donation and disclosed the total cost of the...

State allowed itself to be taken for a ride

16.08.2017, 9:38

The years in the making SKAIS2 information system of the Estonian Social Insurance Board has become a shameful example of foolishness and inept supervision on the highest national level made especially appalling by the post-factum sabre-rattling of ministers,...

Katri Raik: Narva can only be changed from the inside

15.08.2017, 12:33

The local power in Narva has over the years learned to act in its own interests rather than those of citizens, claims mayoral candidate, Pro Patria Res Publica Union (IRL) member Katri Raik (49). This fall, Raik and 60 likeminded individuals want to end a...

We must accept we cannot repeat the previous century’s success

14.08.2017, 5:31

Former prime ministers of Finland and Estonia Alexander Stubb and Taavi Rõivas told Postimees about their terms in office when Europe temporarily lost its head as a result of Russia’s aggression. They also answered the question why former UK Prime Minister...