Pevkur urges Reform to stop infighting

23.11.2017, 1:41

An article published in the yesterday issue of Postimees caused chairman Hanno Pevkur to send a letter to fellow Reform Party members yesterday, urging everyone to stop fighting.

Scandals mark government’s first year

23.11.2017, 1:36

Today marks the passing of one year from the day ministers in Jüri Ratas’ government of the Center Party, Pro Patria Res Publica Union (IRL), and the Social Democrat Party (SDE) took their oath of office. It has hardly been smooth sailing for the government...

Ansip criticizes budget and alcohol excise duty

22.11.2017, 2:23

Vice President of the European Commission Andrus Ansip has criticized the state budget process and the current government’s tax policy in the past. He also recently discovered cheap Latvian alcohol in his basement.

Swindler uses exotic e-residents as straw men

22.11.2017, 2:20

Several independent tips, trials, charges, and cases have put Postimees on the tacks of a criminal scheme. A man apprehended in the Philippines and convicted of fraud in Estonia changed his name and started using Estonian e-residents for the purpose of...

Police forced to waste resources on poster ban

21.11.2017, 7:15

The police received 204 tips of potential violations of election campaign rules during the recent election. People reported posters and vehicles with names and pictures of politicians on them during the period when outside political display is banned. As it...

X-Road to join Estonia and Finland

20.11.2017, 7:44

The Finnish and Estonian tax boards will use the X-Road exchange of data layer to join their information systems, making it possible for citizens of both countries to request certificates in both agencies.

Papal visit 99 percent certain

20.11.2017, 7:39

Bishop Philippe Jourdan asked for the attention of the congregation for a special announcement toward the end of the Estonian mass at the Church of St Peter and St. Paul in Tallinn yesterday.

Discount icon on eve of elections

17.11.2017, 1:56

The icon Edgar Savisaar and Urmas Sõõrumaa presented to the Church of the “Quick to Hearken” Icon of the Mother of God in Lasnamäe as part of the politicians’ Tallinn local elections campaign turns out to have been purchased from the gift shop of a...

Simson’s plan short on support

17.11.2017, 1:54

Chairman of the Pro Patria Res Publica Union (IRL) Helir-Valdor Seeder said that even though Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kadri Simson (Center) has every legal opportunity to lay down free county-level public transport from July 1, she lacks...

Miilits moves to counterintelligence

16.11.2017, 5:46

One of Estonia’s highest-ranking and better-known police officials, Afghanistan police mission veteran Tarmo Miilits did not return to the ranks of the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) but has become an operative of the Estonian Internal Security Service...

Free coaches plan verges on absurdity

16.11.2017, 5:27

The government’s plan of offering free rides on certain long-distance coach lines is taking flak from carriers and leaving officials perplexed.

State files claim against ID-card manufacturer

15.11.2017, 4:48

The Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) has filed an official claim against ID-card manufacturer Gemalto. Bureau Chief of the PPA’s development department Margit Ratnik told Postimees that the damages claim was sent in early September.

US to inject million into Estonian weaponry

15.11.2017, 4:45

The United States plans to allocate a total of $100 million to the Baltic countries over the coming years to improve weaponry on NATO’s eastern flank. This means Estonia will be able to achieve some important capacities two to four years ahead of schedule.

Corruption lingers in local governments

14.11.2017, 2:55

Head of the Corruption Crime Bureau of the Central Criminal Police Mati Ombler believes local governments in Estonia have not paid enough attention to correct and transparent administration.

Financing scandal investigation stains Pevkur

14.11.2017, 2:51

Recently declassified criminal files of the Reform Party’s financing fiasco point to involvement of current Chairman Hanno Pevkur in the so-called plastic bag scandal. Pevkur refers to statements given by businessman Mairo Kiho as fiction.

The Fight Against Corruption – from Zero to Hero to Zero? Europe’s bad habits

13.11.2017, 11:09

EU citizens who responded in the last EU report on corruption are most likely to say they have experienced or witnessed corruption in Lithuania (25 %), Slovakia (21 %) and Poland (16 %). The same report tells us that 99% of companies in Greece, 97% in Spain...

Research fellow holds Trump impeachment unlikely

13.11.2017, 3:42

Even though the Russia investigation promises new details regarding Trump’s inner circle, impeachment seems unlikely, says Hannah Thoburn from the conservative Washington think tank the Hudson Institute.

Joint project reveals fears of Russians in Estonia

10.11.2017, 4:48

It is probably impossible to integrate the Russian community in Estonia by Western standards, with the attitudes of Estonians playing a part in why, researchers at the University of Bergen and Tallinn University find.

RIA: old operating systems could lock ID-cards

09.11.2017, 12:48

The State Information System’s Authority (RIA) says that feedback from the ID-card update process suggests some people are using outdated operating systems that lack necessary security patches and might not support ID-cards with updated certificates. Using...

Ratas invites global IT community to Estonia

09.11.2017, 12:45

Prime Minister Jüri Ratas invited major companies, startups, and investors to see Estonia as a fruitful test environment for new ideas at the Web Summit in Lisbon yesterday.

Nordica promises profit this year

09.11.2017, 12:39

Estonian airline Nordica has had such a successful year that the company is looking at a profit of a few hundred thousand euros this year, instead of a previously projected loss of €6 million. However, the good news comes on the backdrop of frequently...

Police: man brandishing knife stopped in self-defense

08.11.2017, 6:10

The Estonian public was taken aback by a shooting in the Freedom Square a week ago, when a police officer was forced to use lethal force against a man running toward officers brandishing two knives. The police’s internal affairs department looked into...

FSB agent tried to penetrate computer networks

08.11.2017, 6:05

An agent of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), arrested at the Narva border crossing point during the weekend, tried to covertly access state agency computer networks. His attempts were allegedly unsuccessful.

State will not compensate rural municipalities

07.11.2017, 2:30

Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology Urve Palo met with representatives of local governments whose high-speed broadband projects the minister abandoned a month ago in the Riigikogu yesterday.

Center appoints Riisalu as deputy mayor

07.11.2017, 2:27

The Center Party confirmed Tallinn deputy mayor candidates yesterday. Surprisingly, they include recent IRL Tartu mayoral candidate Aivar Riisalu who left the party yesterday.

Estonian officials detain suspected Russian FSB agent

07.11.2017, 12:10

Officials of the Estonian Internal Security Service (ISS) last week detained a man heading to Russia at the Narva border crossing point who is suspected of working as an agent of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB).

Estonian MP Padar to take Europarlt seat left vacant by Marju Lauristin

07.11.2017, 10:58

Monday was the last day of work for Social Democrat MP Ivari Padar in the Estonian parliament, as his mandate as member of the European Parliament in the seat left vacant by Estonian MEP Marju Lauristin will take effect from Tuesday.

Undocumented drills

06.11.2017, 12:04

Russia’s Zapad drills lasted a total of ten weeks, and exercises in Belarus formed but a fraction of the whole. The real action took place east of the Baltics and in the Arctic. For a time, no fewer than 13,000 troops were close to the Baltic borders.

Green hocus-pocus

03.11.2017, 12:29

Long-time Tallinn Deputy Mayor Kalle Klandorf picked up the phone and called Chairman of the Estonian Green Party Züleyxa Izmailova last Friday. The centrists had hatched a plan to add some spark to the Tallinn city government, and Klandorf invited the Greens...

ID-card certificates to be suspended tonight

03.11.2017, 12:25

The government supported a proposal by the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) and the Estonian Information System’s Authority (RIA) to suspend certificates of ID-cards sporting a security vulnerability at midnight tonight at its cabinet meeting yesterday....

Ratas and Ossinovski support Palo

01.11.2017, 4:54

Chairman of the Social Democrat Party, Minister of Healthcare and Labor Jevgeni Ossinovski believes sticking to the old plan of taking high-speed broadband to rural areas would have been simpler for Minister of Enterprise and Information Technology Urve Palo...

Man killed by single shot by policeman’s partner

01.11.2017, 4:51

A conflict that culminated in the death of a young man in Tallinn’s Freedom Square yesterday escalated unusually quickly for officers responding to the call. What is most peculiar – the young man wearing no shoes and brandishing two knives did not utter a...

Pruuli challenges Osula in coach business

31.10.2017, 7:47

If so far subsidiaries of Hugo Osula’s Mootor Grupp have held the monopoly on Tallinn-Tartu coach lines, Tiit Pruuli’s Go Grupp is the next domestic firm to try and compete by launching 15 daily departures from tomorrow.

Municipalities want compensation for investments

31.10.2017, 7:45

Minister of Enterprise and Information Technology Urve Palo (SDE) urged rural municipalities to work together to bring high-speed broadband to rural homes and companies via fiber optic cable two years ago. Palo promised to pay a third of the cost for which the...

Man shot by police for brandishing knife dies in hospital

31.10.2017, 2:27

The injuries of a man shot by police after brandishing knives in Tallinn city center on Tuesday were so serious that the man later died in hospital.

Alcohol shelves gathering dust in South Estonia

30.10.2017, 2:26

Owners of shops near Estonia’s southern border complain that people have all but stopped buying alcohol, while a looming excise duty hike is looking to make matters worse. What is more, tobacco sales are also in danger of being hit by new legislation.

Police arrest election coalition members after bomb threat

27.10.2017, 1:19

On Tuesday, the police detained two 36-year-old men suspected of making a bomb threat directed at ERR’s Tartu studio on October 10. The men were arrested following an application from the Southern District Prosecutor’s Office today and yesterday.

Cancer treatment sum donated in a day

27.10.2017, 1:06

Yesterday, the media wrote about little Annabel’s fight with cancer treatment for which requires €172,000 as the Estonian health insurance fund does not cover neuroblastoma drug Dinutuximab beta that could help the child make a full recovery. By yesterday...

Palo pulls carpet from under local governments with 20-million hat-trick

26.10.2017, 3:56

Minister of Enterprise and Information Technology Urve Palo (Social Democrat Party) has made an about-turn to take away €20 million promised to local governments for high-speed broadband investments when the social democrats came to power. It is possible...

PM’s car involved in accident

26.10.2017, 3:35

An SUV collided with Prime Minister Jüri Ratas’ official car in front of the Drama Theater some time before 5 p.m. yesterday. Ratas was in the vehicle at the time of the accident.

Weather among the key challenges for Spanish soldiers in Latvia

25.10.2017, 10:42

Spain is a country with extensive experience of military operations abroad, beginning from the UN Mission in Angola in 1989. Despite the past experience, taking part in NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence mission in Latvia has been a challenge.

ID-cards to lose access to e-services

25.10.2017, 5:15

While the state initially promised to fix ID-cards sporting a security vulnerability with a software update in November, it has become clear that hundreds of thousands of ID-cards will be deactivated before the update reaches them.

Biggest victory and loss of Estonia’s presidency

25.10.2017, 5:12

Entrepreneurs and employers regard amendment of the European Union’s so-called posted workers directive, praised as our EU presidency’s greatest achievement, as harmful for tiny Estonia as it hurts the country’s competitiveness and sends the message that...

Toom did not take the bait

24.10.2017, 5:20

Dozens of Western politicians are expected to join a so-called club of friends of annexed Crimea next week, including MEP Yana Toom (Center Party).

Social democrats after several important positions in Tallinn

24.10.2017, 5:14

The Social Democrat Party (SDE) wants the positions of city council chairman and a few other important offices in a potential coalition with the Center Party.

Man sustains burns after setting self on fire in police cell

23.10.2017, 1:53

A detained man was hospitalized with injuries after setting himself on fire in the police detention house of Rakvere late on Friday night.

Large amount of drugs washes onto Lohusalu sea coast

23.10.2017, 1:50

Over the past weekend the police collected large quantities of what is believed to be a narcotic substance washed ashore at Lohusalu, a resort area some 30 kilometers west of Tallinn, according to the news portal of ERR.

Words and actions often mismatch

23.10.2017, 1:46

Hopefully the time will come when people convicted of corruption offenses no longer have access to public authority, says Prosecutor General Lavly Perling.

State often doesn’t know what it wants

20.10.2017, 11:29

CEO of Tieto, developer of Estonia’s largest IT procurement SKAIS2, Anneli Heinsoo says that the company should have dropped the project much sooner because the state didn’t know what kind of a system it wanted.

Kender’s case points to necessity of changes

19.10.2017, 11:00

The acquittal of writer Kaur Kender, accused of producing child pornography, because he wrote his text abroad that is therefore not subject to Estonian legislation shows that laws need to be taken into conformity with the digital age,” finds Jaan Ginter,...