An incredible story of how I was threatened in the Riigikogu

18.01.2018, 4:06

I have always believed that a politician’s honor and dignity are ensured by their selflessness and thorough reasoning behind decisions, not power. Whether the politician is a member of the opposition or coalition is up to the voter, or at worst the result of...

Litigation used to move against opposition

18.01.2018, 4:02

Chairman of the Center Party Riigikogu faction Kersti Sarapuu and members of her family demand damages and a public apology from Reform Party faction chair Jürgen Ligi and EKRE MP Martin Helme.

Reinsalu’s statement releases storm of indignation

17.01.2018, 4:38

Minister of Justice Urmas Reinsalu’s (IRL) recent choice of words led to a situation where his resignation was demanded by not only members of the opposition, but also the coalition. The scandalous statement also drew flak away from the president’s...

Agency’s independence questioned

17.01.2018, 4:35

Even though there are examples of the competition watchdog having succeeded in putting its foot down in recent years, others have sparked suspicion as to the board’s independence. The justice minister says the government plans to discuss improving how the...

Estonia's cbank wants to dump 1 cent, 2 cent coins

17.01.2018, 1:44

The Bank of Estonia has come up with a plan to reduce the use of 1 cent and 2 cent coins before eventually phasing them out.

Estonian population grows by 3,070 in 2017

16.01.2018, 12:42

According to initial estimates, the population of Estonia was 1,318,700 on Jan. 1 this year, which is 3,070 persons more than at the same time a year ago.

Kallas proposes real estate tax

16.01.2018, 12:38

Honorary Chairman of the Reform Party, Viimsi Municipality Mayor Siim Kallas believes Estonia should revise and modernize its local governments’ funding policy. It should also consider laying down a real estate tax.

Border agreement to remain shelved

16.01.2018, 12:34

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov clearly implied there is no sense in hoping for the ratification of the Estonia-Russia border agreement in the State Duma as things stand when answering Postimees’ question. Lavrov lauded Finland’s sensible...

Danish defense minister does not believe in reaching two percent

16.01.2018, 12:26

Danish Defense Minister Claus Hjort Fredriksen says in an interview that 2014 was a sudden wake-up call for Denmark that caused the country’s national defense priorities to shift from foreign missions to Baltic Sea security.

Coalition moving forward despite arguments

15.01.2018, 5:58

While the Center Party and the Pro Patria Res Publica Union (IRL) are still debating free county coaches, the Estonian Road Administration is moving forward with Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kadri Simson’s (Center) plan.

German journalist: Russia helping ISIS in Syria

09.01.2018, 4:00

No fewer than 1.7 million copies of the German newspaper Bild are printed every day. The paper has ten million daily readers online. That is the readership of editor Julian Röpcke’s articles that have revealed several lies told by the Russian government and...

Church millions clouded by half-truth

09.01.2018, 12:11

The Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church (EELK) received millions of euros from the government even though it has never been legally determined whether the church even has a right to the Tallinn St. Nicholas’ Church. Cultural circles are relieved...

Hunt for the world’s most wanted man reaches Estonia

05.01.2018, 11:20

They disappeared into thin air. The creator of virtual currency bitcoin wrote a brief email under the alias Satoshi Nakamoto in April of 2011 in which they stated they will now move on to other things.

Russian network could have determined winner of Tallinn election

04.01.2018, 2:28

Programs procured on the Perviy Baltysky Kanal (PBK) using Tallinn taxpayer money left Russian viewers no doubt – they must vote for the Center Party’s new star Mihhail Kõlvart and his party. The Russian voter was intimidated by suggesting that an end to...

Nordica does not want to be an economy option

03.01.2018, 6:35

CEO of Nordica Jaan Tamm says that the company does not want to be an economy option that offers tickets for €49 but is forced to close shop a year from now. Luckily, enough Estonians have realized cheap tickets aren’t everything, he says.

Unfair attitude toward PBK

29.12.2017, 4:13

The fact Tallinn citizens’ money is used to buy air time on the Perviy Baltiysky Kanal (PBK) has been widely discussed in recent weeks. The network’s representative in Estonia, Margus Merima, finds criticism unjust.

Bitcoin farm to be launched in East Viru County

28.12.2017, 12:08

East Viru county will get a chance to prove its position as a digital era mining area when Japanese businessmen open the largest cryptocurrency farm in Estonia as the first tenants of Eesti Energia’s Baltic Power Station science park in January.

Mikser: single vote not enough to deter US support

28.12.2017, 12:03

Minister of Foreign Affairs Sven Mikser (SDE) said on Postimees Live yesterday that fears according to which voting against the USA in the UN could curb US support for Estonia and Europe are baseless.

Second pillar should be made more flexible

27.12.2017, 9:02

CEO of Swedbank Robert Kitt is worried for people’s future and afraid pensioners will not have enough money in 30 years. Instead of talking about abolishing the mandatory second pillar of pensions, it should be made more flexible by allowing people to pay in...

Government to remove alcohol from view

21.12.2017, 1:04

Even though alcohol sale and advertising restrictions were softened in the Riigikogu, they still constitute a headache for brewers and traders. In a situation where people are buying alcohol from Latvia as it is, the government is busy hiding every last beer...

President Kaljulaid: the most important thing is to notice and talk

20.12.2017, 4:47

President Kersti Kaljulaid takes a seat behind a table covered by a Christmas-themed oilcloth and says: “I would like to sit in front of the Christmas tree.”

The anatomy of a diplomatic operation

19.12.2017, 4:21

An Indian secretary played a remarkable role in getting Estonian ship guards home quickly. Corresponding efforts began a month prior. Half the airport had become emotionally invested by the time the guards’ plane finally took off in Chennai.

Jeroen Bult: The Eastern Partnership: Paralysed by a lack of EU clarity

19.12.2017, 2:27

Back in late November 2013, in the white, pompous Palace of the Grand Dukes in Vilnius, Ukrainian President Yanukovitch refused to sign the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, after Vladimir Putin had ordered him to do so. The matter overshadowed the entire...

Support for the prime minister’s party falling

18.12.2017, 2:31

The monthly poll ordered by Postimees and BNS and carried out by Kantar Emor shows support for the Center Party fall to its lowest this year in December, following Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kadri Simson’s agricultural support scandal.

New era for infantrymen

18.12.2017, 2:29

The Defense Forces will gradually switch to new, smaller-caliber automatic weapons and an updated soldier system. The aim of changes is to render the infantry lighter and faster in a matter of a few years.

This was revenge for Veerpalu’s victory

15.12.2017, 2:18

Skiing coach Anatoli Šmigun, who recently celebrated his 65th birthday and whom most people simply know as Tolik takes a seat in a hotel in the Austrian skiing mecca of Ramsau. Thick snow is falling behind the windows. Tolik puts one hand’s fingers around...

Kadri Simson: I did not perceive a conflict of interest

14.12.2017, 5:15

Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kadri Simson (Center Party) says she does not detect a conflict of interest in her participation in awarding support for pig farmers as everyone around the negotiating table knew of her ties to then CEO of...

Hanno Pevkur: I will not run for chairman

13.12.2017, 1:44

Infighting in the Reform Party has gained considerable momentum. Siim Kallas wants a new chairman, while Hanno Pevkur has proposed an in-house election in January. Pevkur now admits he would support Kaja Kallas should she decide to run for chairman.

Symbolic statements do not contribute to solutions

12.12.2017, 5:55

The past year has seen events that seem to be disheveling international relations to an ever-growing degree. Postimees asked Minister of Foreign Affairs Sven Mikser (SDE) how to continue basing one’s decisions on values in increasingly complicated...

Russian court sends Estonian businessman to jail for 12 years on spying charges

11.12.2017, 1:11

A court in Moscow has found Estonian aviation technology businessman Raivo Susi guilty of espionage and punished him with a sentence of 12 years in a high security prison, Interfax news agency said.

Kallas’ words send Pevkur into action

11.12.2017, 1:08

Chairman of the Reform Party Hanno Pevkur made a high-powered statement yesterday: the party should elect its potential new leader in a month’s time.

Work underway on Maarjamäe memorial

11.12.2017, 12:52

The “Teekond” (Journey) memorial for victims of communism that lies on more than 30,000 square meters and is estimated to cost €8 million should be completed in Tallinn’s Maarjamäe subdistrict by next fall.

Final hours: ship protectors’ road to Estonia

08.12.2017, 5:27

Tuesday. It’s nearly 3 p.m. in Chennai, India when Estonian ship protectors staying at the YWCA hostel board tuk-tuks and head out. The men hope to finally get their departure papers stamped at the local foreigners’ office but have no idea they will be...

Vulnerability discovered in spring kept quiet

07.12.2017, 6:32

Estonian authorities were forced to close some ID-cards already in May and June after a University of Tartu research fellow came across a security vulnerability so severe that it allowed him to crack one of the cards and use it to fake a digital signature, a...

Abrupt end to a long journey

07.12.2017, 6:28

The workday was ending in Chennai, India when 14 Estonian ship protectors finally got their departure papers stamped. Next, Secretary General of the Estonian Foreign Ministry Annely Kolk told the men to go to their lodging, take their things, and go to the...

Historical moment: fentanyl business halted

06.12.2017, 5:24

The Central Criminal Police believe they have made a breakthrough in the fentanyl epidemic that has been poisoning Estonia for the past 15 years. The drug has disappeared from the market, around ten fentanyl barons are in jail or awaiting trial. The best...

Ship guards on their way home

05.12.2017, 7:23

Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas said on Tuesday that the Estonian ship guards in India have finally obtained an exit permit, have embarked on their journey home and the extremely difficult situation for their loved ones is about to be solved.

One million e-residents and €1.8 billion instead of ten million

05.12.2017, 7:20

Leaders of the Estonian e-residency program have considerably changed the project’s goals, and there is no more talk of ten million e-Estonians by 2025 a la Taavi Kotka and Siim Sikut. The critically revised goal mentions 989,000 e-residents and indirect...

Kharkiv Estonians restore Dekabrist monument

05.12.2017, 7:17

The Kharkiv Estonians’ society has made it its mission and is looking for donations to restore a monument to Dekabrist Andreas Rosen (1799-1884), born in the Mäetaguse manor in East Viru county, Estonia.

Diplomats to try to obtain exit permits for ship guards on Tuesday

04.12.2017, 8:52

Deputy secretary general of the Estonian Foreign Ministry for legal and consular affairs Annely Kolk and consul Mats Kuuskemaa on Tuesday will continue communicating with the foreigners' office of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu to obtain stamps on the...

Arrests take romance out of spying

04.12.2017, 8:46

Of the last seven Russian special services agents captured in Estonia, most were recruited between the ages of 18 and 23. For the FSB, these young men are economy agents who will rarely be missed should they get caught. The market is running dry however.

Simson: sins not visited upon family members in Estonia

01.12.2017, 12:12

Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kadri Simson (Center Party), who returned from Brussels yesterday, said in a telephone interview to Postimees that she will recognize it should the time come for her to resign.

Soorm and Tuvi shed light on punitive action

01.12.2017, 12:02

Former HKScan Estonia executives Teet Soorm and Mati Tuvi, suspected of large-scale embezzlement and money laundering, announced yesterday that they categorically deny having committed acts in question.

Gemalto to replace representative in Estonia

30.11.2017, 4:52

Communication between Estonian ID-card manufacturer Gemalto and the state will no longer be coordinated by Andreas Lehmann from December. Lehmann attracted a lot of attention last week when he claimed he had informed the Estonian authorities of the ID-card...

Suspicions of large-scale piggery

30.11.2017, 4:51

Former head of the Rakvere Meat Processing Plant (Rakvere Lihatööstus) Teet Soorm gave a frank interview to Postimees only last week.

Police strip straw man of e-residency

29.11.2017, 5:01

Materials published in Postimees have caused the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) to leave a Filipino citizen whose status was used to liquidate hundreds of Estonian companies without Estonian e-residency. It is the first time authorities have stripped...

Simson’s plan not in line with statistics

29.11.2017, 4:53

Free county coaches would benefit up to 18,000 working people and some pensioners. All others would participate in the plan as taxpayers. The tiny village of Vinso in Põlva county is an ideal place for a real-life experiment: a test of whether free coaches...

Relatives of ship protectors holding their breath

28.11.2017, 11:49

Even though the Chennai court acquitted all ship protectors India detained four years ago, their relatives do not dare breathe easy just yet. The year 2014, when the Indian court cleared the men of all charges while no one got to go home, is all too fresh in...

Entrepreneurship no longer in favor

27.11.2017, 5:10

When Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kadri Simson and Port of Tallinn CEO Valdo Kalm presented the port’s stock market plans the week before last, both said the company would become a dividend stock, while the minister also said she first and...

Center does not need Ivanova? All lies!

27.11.2017, 5:06

Olga Ivanova keeps attending party meetings and is once more a member of the influential Riigikogu Legal Affairs Committee despite having been evicted from the Center Party.