Secret of the chosen: draft dodgers pay fine

16.07.2018, 2:08

Approximately one thousand young men in Estonia pay the state more than 150,000 euros fines for the privilege of evading compulsory military service. The top of the list is occupied by men working in Finland, sons of well-known businessmen and even athletes.

Mandatory dividends plan seen as catering to a single family

15.07.2018, 9:21

Political competitors and entrepreneurs see the social democrats' mandatory dividends bill mainly as a present to the Kovalenko family that has been fighting for the rights of small shareholders of BLRT Group for years. The Kovalenkos refute claims.

Hectic times at Nordica

15.07.2018, 9:18

Aviation circles were abuzz with news that changes might be in store at Nordica already late last week. CEO of the national airline’s strategic partner LOT even came to Tallinn.

NATO needs to be reinforced

12.07.2018, 2:50

Hysterical voices heralding the upcoming split and collapse of NATO could be heard before the summit in Brussels. These fears are baseless if the panic is caused by the Americans’ demand for Europeans to pay more for defense.

Palo’s utterance could prove decisive

12.07.2018, 2:38

The first battle in the in-house conflict of the Social Democrat Party (SDE) could be fought over Urve Palo’s suitability as a member of the government. Her utterance to weekly Eesti Ekspress is such a serious insult for social democrats that it is difficult...

New act in Baku saga

12.07.2018, 12:10

The story of how Estonian businessmen wanted to buy land on the coast of the Caspian Sea near the Azerbaijani capital to convert it into profit 11 years ago seemingly refuses to come to an end. Now, the Estonian prosecution is investigating possible fraud in...

Child born between Valga and Tartu

10.07.2018, 2:59

«Positive start to the day :) We helped deliver Mia to this world in the ambulance at 6.43 a.m. – congratulations!» ambulance crew member Alo Toom posts to social media. 

Drugs sold increasingly by schoolchildren

10.07.2018, 2:51

Marko (name changed), who has now turned 18, must spend four months in prison for selling cannabis. It turns out that young drug dealers are becoming an increasingly common phenomenon.

The women are not here to try

09.07.2018, 12:14

The Headquarters Support and Signal Battalion saw two female conscripts start alongside boys last week. Slender Mirjam Petti (27) was hard to spot among roughly one hundred young men who had assembled in the parking lot of the Defense Resources Board on...

«Estonia did nothing to investigate the matter»

06.07.2018, 6:36

A major money laundering scandal that concerned the Estonian banking sector and especially the Estonian branch of Danske Bank is growing.

Sensation unearthed in Toompea

06.07.2018, 6:33

Old walls unearthed during construction work suggest a medieval building of which historians had no knowledge stood in what is today the Bishop’s Garden in Tallinn’s Old Town. Head of heritage conservation in Tallinn, Boris Dubovik, referred to the find as...

Pope to celebrate Mass on Freedom Square when visiting Estonia

05.07.2018, 6:30

The Vatican announced on Thursday that Pope Francis will have two ecumenical meetings during his trip to the Baltics in September and among other things will also celebrate Mass on Freedom Square in Tallinn.

Eastern border to require €320 million

05.07.2018, 6:22

Development of Estonia’s eastern border, price of which was already adjusted up by €100 million in February, will require a further €60 million, putting the final sum at €250 million. Another €70 million will have to be spent on maintenance, the...

CNN security consultant: Vanessa Beeley a deranged crank

05.07.2018, 6:16

American journalist and security analyst Michael Weiss says that Vanessa Beeley, who gave a lecture to Estonian journalism students as part of an Uppsala University summer school, is a Kremlin information asset whose theories should not be taken seriously.

Vikipeedia goes blind

05.07.2018, 10:22

The question of whether the new European Union copyright directive is a threat to an open and free internet or whether it protects the quality of journalism and copyright is on the minds of interest groups prior to a vote in the European Parliament today.

School managers making a killing

04.07.2018, 5:51

Three property managers that have long-term concession contracts with the city of Tallinn paid owners a total of €4.7 million in dividends in 2017, up €1.2 million on the year.

Turtle returns home after three years in a lake

04.07.2018, 5:48

Turtle Fernando, who slipped away from his owner into Viljandi Lake three years ago, was found last Thursday at 5 a.m. by a fisherman. Fernando was returned to his owner the next morning.

State preparing for mass immigration

03.07.2018, 6:05

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is working on draft legislation to allow state agencies to handle a situation where an extraordinary number of immigrants arrive in Estonia in a short time.

Tallinn exchange livelier

03.07.2018, 6:02

The six months’ turnover of the Tallinn stock exchange might suggest that the market has come out of hibernation after several years; however, the upturn is rather the result of extraordinary events than sustainable growth of trading activity.

U.S. media: developments giving Estonia pause

02.07.2018, 5:56

U.S. Ambassador to Estonia James D. Melville announced on social media late Friday night that he will resign as a sign of protest against the policy of President Donald Trump.

Uppsala University apologizes

29.06.2018, 5:56

The Uppsala University has issued an apology over the presentation of freelance blogger Vanessa Beeley at its recent war reporting summer school.

Elected judges would politicize courts

29.06.2018, 12:48

If the justice reform is handled by small groups of people without broader public debate, nothing good can come of it, believes chairman of the Estonian Bar Association Hannes Vallikivi.

Uppsala University apologizes

28.06.2018, 12:26

If the Uppsala University is planning to issue an official apology, the assistant professor who organized the course describes accusations of propaganda by students as absurd.

Top university’s course turns out to be propaganda

28.06.2018, 12:22

The Soviet Union and its legal successor Russia have always wanted to spread peace in the world, a “war reported” calmly told a group of students. If during the first days the Kremlin’s agenda was just a vague foreboding, it was beyond doubt by the...

Ilya Ponomaryov: eight of my acquaintances have been killed in a short time

27.06.2018, 3:25

Russian opposition politician Ilya Ponomaryov was the only member of the State Duma who dared vote against the occupation of Crimea in 2014. The final tally came to 445:1. Today, Ponomaryov lives in exile in Kiev and says that he can return to Russia once...

New firepower for the Defense Forces

26.06.2018, 3:26

Today will mark the conclusion of one of the three biggest Estonian weapons procurements of the decade – the acquisition of K9 Thunder self-propelled artillery. Defense circles regard the €48-million transaction as favorable for Estonia. The 40-ton weapons...

Scrambling an exact science

25.06.2018, 3:34

Tallinn’s Mustamäe district has for decades been home to a little-known company the capacity of which ranges from bringing down unfriendly drones to scrambling all manner of aerial signals on the level of NATO.

State gives small residences grace period

25.06.2018, 3:30

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, finding itself under fire from architects and contractors, has decided to take a step back in near zero energy requirements and give people building their own home a grace period.

The Bermans’ peculiar transactions

21.06.2018, 6:14

Estonians most keen on using tax havens are surely the major owners of shipbuilder BLRT Group, the Berman family. Members have companies run by shadow executives in Malta and Panama, newly leaked documents suggest.

New Panama leak

21.06.2018, 6:07

International investigative journalism group ICIJ published a new data leak from infamous Panamanian law firm and corporate services provider Mossack Fonseca on Wednesday night. Documents were once again made available to German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung...

Madise lists shortcomings in unemployment insurance

20.06.2018, 4:50

Chancellor of Justice Ülle Madise finds that a discussion to change the unemployment insurance system is necessary as the recent system is outdated and fails to meet the needs of the modern labor market.

Ratas meets with corrupt oligarch in Moldova

20.06.2018, 4:46

Prime Minister Jüri Ratas met with Vladimir Plahotniuc, considered to be a corrupt oligarch and Moldova’s gray eminence, during his visit to the country the day before yesterday. The PM and his advisors did not perceive a problem in the meeting.

15 000 medieval items uncovered during excavations on Kalamaja plot

19.06.2018, 3:17

Archeologists conducting excavations at a plot in the Kalamaja district of Tallinn have found about 15 000 medieval items so far, representing the biggest number of medieval finds ever uncovered at a single location in Estonia.

A plethora of burials unearthed

19.06.2018, 2:06

Real estate developments and roadworks are revealing previously undiscovered pieces of history.

Kaljurand news delivers SDE ratings boost

18.06.2018, 2:32

As the popularity of the Free Party continues to wane, the Social Democrat Party is on its way to restoring its recent rating, the latest poll ordered by Postimees and BNS and carried out by Kantar Emor reveals.

Soldiers given new resting place

18.06.2018, 2:24

The remains of two soldiers who died fighting in the Estonian War of Independence were reburied at the Krabi Memorial of the Unknown Soldier near the Latvian border the day before yesterday. There is hope it will prove possible to identify one of the men.

Mark Voyger: Russian hybrid warfare can still bring surprises in the future

18.06.2018, 10:12

Mark Voyger, former special advisor to retired Lieutenant-General Ben Hodges, former Commanding General of US Army Europe, says in an interview to Georgi Beltadze, that calling hybrid warfare a completely new type of war is a misnomer. We are dealing with the...

EKRE wants Anvelt citizenship explanation

15.06.2018, 1:59

Deputy chair of the Riigikogu faction of the Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) Henn Põlluaas has sent a letter to Prime Minister Jüri Ratas, asking whether and how the state plans to check the legality of Minister of the Interior Andres Anvelt’s...

Bill to force use of Estonian

15.06.2018, 1:56

MP Tarmo Kruusimäe (Pro Patria) has introduced draft legislation to amend the Language Act by hiking fines for violations tenfold from the current €640 to €6,400.

Reps wants partially Estonian-speaking kindergartens

14.06.2018, 1:49

Minister of Education and Research Mailis Reps (Center) unveiled a plan yesterday, according to which all Russian-speaking kindergartens would in the future have a teacher who speaks Estonian to the children.

Port investors make €4 million on IPO

14.06.2018, 1:46

The shares of Port of Tallinn became available for trading yesterday. The ceremonial stock exchange bell was rung in the Tallinn Old Port instead of the offices of Nasdaq Tallinn as is customary.

Pension fund business prospering

13.06.2018, 5:27

A financial services market overview by the Financial Supervision Authority (FI) reveals that the volume of public investment funds, including pensions funds, grew by €679 million or 18 percent to €4.4 billion last year. That would be a pretty figure if...

Ultras, terror, and a sinking stadium

13.06.2018, 5:24

Russia has put a lot of money and other resources toward the FIFA world championship set to kick off in the country tomorrow. Investments are aimed at preventing risks but might paradoxically entail others.

New non-native species of crayfish found

12.06.2018, 1:06

Researchers exploring the biota of the Gulf of Pärnu and Pärnu River were treated to an unpleasant surprise when they found nine specimens of the spinycheek crayfish when examining this spring’s sample traps. Spinycheek crayfish look like the native...

Much ado about a single word

12.06.2018, 1:02

The Reform Party wants to retract the personal data protection act bill, even though it includes a contribution from former justice minister and Reform Party member Rein Lang.

Kasela: Port of Tallinn IPO one of the most expensive in history

11.06.2018, 4:30

Head of listed company PR Foods Indrek Kasela said that the IPO of Port of Tallinn ended up as one of the costliest public offerings in history.

Dream district near Tbilisi

11.06.2018, 4:26

Estonian entrepreneurs Oleg Ossinovski and Marcel Vichmann are constructing a new district for the wealthy on a hill towering over Tbilisi the luxuriousness and western air of which offers stark contrast to the situation and architecture in the capital.

Gov. looking at alcohol war defeat

08.06.2018, 4:18

Head of the Social Democrat Party Jevgeni Ossinovski has been repeating the mantra of the positive effect of alcohol excise duties for years.

Estonia's ex-president Toomas Hendrik Ilves among those blacklisted by Russia

07.06.2018, 6:52

Former Estonian president Toomas Hendrik Ilves is one of the citizens of Estonia blacklisted by Russia earlier this week in response to the "unfriendly actions" taken by Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, which have denied entry to Russian citizens on the...

Stubb: Europe will bounce back

07.06.2018, 12:56

Former Finnish prime minister, Vice President of the European Investment Bank Alexander Stubb, who refers to himself as a European Union geek, sees Brexit and the Trump presidency as consolidating effects for the EU.