Center drops to third place in party rankings

26.03.2019, 1:21

The Reform Party has further extended its lead over rivals, whereas the Center Party has fallen to third place in Estonian party rankings, pollster Kantar Emor’s latest survey for Postimees and BNS suggests.

Swedbank knew of money laundering

26.03.2019, 1:18

In-house information of Swedbank available to Postimees and Swedish public broadcaster SVT points to numerous audits that looked at suspicious transfers and clients, while their results cannot be openly discussed.

War not the likeliest crisis

25.03.2019, 3:04

The interior ministry will be sending citizens instructions for what to do in a crisis today and in the days to come. Director of National Defense Coordination with the Government Office Indrek Sirp talks about what kind of crises we are most likely to see and...

Illegal chip business ended

22.03.2019, 3:10

California state prosecutor’s office has charged two men for smuggling high-tech electronics with military potential from USA to Russia through Estonia.

Swedish banks’ exodus from Estonia pure speculation

21.03.2019, 5:54

Swedbank Sweden is set to publish the results of an audit commissioned in the aftermath of money laundering scandals tomorrow. CEO of Swedbank Estonia Robert Kitt admits there have been corresponding inquiries before but remains tight-lipped when it comes to...

Estonian fish processor suspected

20.03.2019, 4:38

A Danish agency is blaming Estonian fish processor M.V.Wool of causing an outbreak of listeriosis that cost the lives of two people. The company maintains its products are safe.

Three decisions from talks

20.03.2019, 4:20

Leaders of the Center Party, Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) and Isamaa unveiled three agreements after two days of deliberations yesterday.

Milder: it is an opportunity for Baltika

19.03.2019, 2:27

Baltika announced yesterday that it will end production in Estonia, lay off 340 people and completely revamp its business model. The company had earlier revealed plans to issue €5 million worth of new shares and borrow €3 million from its parent company.

Potential coalition to have border guard structure inside PPA

18.03.2019, 2:39

Representatives of the Center Party, Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) and Isamaa, negotiating a potential coalition for Estonia, agreed on Saturday that a separate border guard structure within the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) would be created.

Man yells antisemitic slurs at rabbi

18.03.2019, 2:35

Estonian Chief Rabbi Shmuel Kot was treated to a verbal attack on Saturday morning when a man being issued a fine by Tallinn Municipal Police (MUPO) yelled “What are you looking at, Jew!”, “Into the oven with you!” and other slurs at him.

Court decides to extradite Estonian citizen accused of Frenchwoman's murder to UK

15.03.2019, 6:25

The Harju County Court in Tallinn on Friday ruled in favor of the extradition to the UK of an Estonian national accused of killing a Frenchwoman in London at the beginning of this month.

Including EKRE in government headache for Ratas

15.03.2019, 6:19

A recent interview given to Deutsche Welle by Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) member Martin Helme is just one problem had by the Center Party in forming a coalition with EKRE and Isamaa.

Leak sheds light on residence permit business

14.03.2019, 5:56

Russian investment bank Troika Dialog’s money laundering (Troika laundromat) database, published approximately a week ago, sheds light on the ins and outs of Nikolai Stelmach’s residence permits business.

Poll: voters prefer other coalitions

14.03.2019, 5:30

Just a week and a half after Riigikogu elections, parties’ support ratings have undergone major change. Were the Riigikogu elected today, the Reform Party would take an even more convincing win, the Center Party would have to settle for fewer than one-fifth...

Foreign intelligence sees Russia flexing its muscles

13.03.2019, 3:24

The Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service (FIS) perceives Russia, in-house exercises of which have exclusively concentrated on waging war against NATO in the past two decades, as the only serious threat to the continued existence and independence of the Baltic...

Head of Danske Estonia Breaks Silence: of course I feel responsible

12.03.2019, 5:09

Aivar Rehe, who was the head of Danske Bank Estonia during the years of money laundering, finally commented on the scandal that hit the bank, saying he holds personal responsibility, but thought that Danske's anti-money laundering measures were sufficient at...

Center opens door to EKRE

12.03.2019, 4:54

After the weekend’s calm, with the exception of a few conversations over the phone, a true rally of party meetings kicked off yesterday. The most noteworthy result was the Center Party’s invitation to launch coalition talks with the Conservative People’s...

Baby seal taken to Riga Zoo

11.03.2019, 6:09

A baby ringed seal found on Treiman Beach in Häädemeeste rural municipality, Pärnu County on Saturday has been taken to Riga Zoo. While it was initially hoped the seal could make it back to its mother, inquisitive people foiled such hopes.

400 water utility clients to ask for their money back

11.03.2019, 6:06

Only a few percent of clients of the capital’s water utility Tallinna Vesi are prepared to embark on a crusade to demand compensation for excessive water bills paid over the years. Lukewarm interest in the class action might be caused by fears of legal...

Chinese fund prepared to invest 15 billion in Tallinn-Helsinki tunnel

08.03.2019, 10:40

China's Touchstone Capital Partners is prepared to invest a total of €15 billion in the undersea tunnel project linking the Estonian capital Tallinn and Finnish capital Helsinki, the Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat reported on Friday.

Browder files report of criminal offense against Swedbank

07.03.2019, 5:14

Senior partner at investment fund Heritage Capital, Bill Browder, filed a report of criminal conduct against Swedbank in Sweden this week. Sums mentioned in the report hint at cash flow that is allegedly tied to the Magnitsky affair having been far greater...

Center to decide over launching coalition talks with Reform on Friday

07.03.2019, 11:30

The Estonian Center Party is to decide on Friday whether it will launch negotiations with the Reform Party in order to establish a coalition.

Taxify changes name to Bolt

07.03.2019, 11:26

The Estonian taxi hailing platform Taxify has rebranded itself as Bolt and is using the new name starting from Thursday in all its operations around the world as the company seeks to develop from a taxi service to a broader provider of public transport...

Estonian Ski Association rules on expulsion of Mati Alaver

06.03.2019, 11:31

The board of the Estonian Ski Association decided on Tuesday to call for the expulsion from the association’s ranks of coach Mati Alaver and send a letter to the International Ski Federation (FIS) with a request to suspend, on the basis of FIS anti-doping...

«Long haul» party preparing for upcoming elections

06.03.2019, 11:28

The new strategy of Estonia 200 prescribes taking part in European Parliament and the next local elections to take another shot at the Riigikogu with an updated version of its “long plan for Estonia” in four years’ time.

Major Russian bank helped move billions

05.03.2019, 3:07

An extensive data leak reveals a laundromat founded by Russian philanthropist Ruben Vardanyan that facilitated billions of dollars of assets belonging to the Russian elite.

Kaja Kallas: our first choice is a government with Isamaa and SDE

04.03.2019, 3:11

Congratulations on a brilliant personal result! You have been given over 18,000 votes (the interview took place at 10.45 p.m. yesterday – ed.). That is more than Taavi Rõivas got in Harju and Rapla counties last time around and more than twice that of Jüri...

Reform takes convincing win over Center

04.03.2019, 3:08

It is possible to pinpoint the minute the Reform Party won the 2019 Riigikogu elections. It happened when results of e-voting came in at 8.35 p.m. The Reform Party took 40 percent of the electronic vote against Center’s 12 percent. More experienced...

Alaver may be stripped of decorations

01.03.2019, 4:27

Estonian cross-country skiing coach Mati Alaver may be stripped of his state decorations in the wake of  revelations that he provided skier Karel Tammjarv with the contact details of the German doctor seen as standing at the center of the doping ring exposed...

Tammjarv says used sponsor money to buy doping

01.03.2019, 4:17

Karel Tammjarv, one of the two Estonian Nordic skiers arrested by the police at the skiing world championships in Seefeld on Wednesday and released on Thursday night, said at a press conference on Friday that his collaboration with the doping doctor started...

Estonian skiers released from police custody in Austria, confirm doping probe

01.03.2019, 10:19

Estonian Nordic skiers Karel Tammjarv and Andreas Veerpalu, who were released from police custody in Austria on Thursday evening, confirmed to their coach that the case as part of which they were detained the previous day is a doping case.

Third doping scandal: no way out in sight this time

28.02.2019, 12:31

If Kristina Šmigun-Vähi and Andrus Veerpalu had years in which to contest the details of their doping cases in court and finally walked away clean, Austrian police now have evidence to suggest Estonian cross-country skiers Karel Tammjärv and Andreas...

Two Estonian cross-country skiers suspected of doping

27.02.2019, 5:28

Five athletes were arrested over suspected blood doping at the  41st FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Seefeld, Austria, on Wednesday -- two Estonians, two Austrians and one Kazakh, a statement by Austria's federal criminal police office confirmed.

Yanukovych's money could have gone through Swedbank's Lithuanian branch

27.02.2019, 4:32

Part of the money Ukraine's law enforcement considers bribes to former President Viktor Yanukovych could have reached him through an account in Swedish bank Swedbank's Lithuanian branch, the news website reports on Wednesday.

Rescued wolf roaming Rapla County woods

27.02.2019, 2:58

A wolf rescued from an icy river last week has reached Rapla County woods after it was nursed back to health and released, fitted with a GPS tracker.

Hidden transactions of a Russian oligarch at Swedbank

27.02.2019, 2:54

For several years, Swedbank’s clients included one of the world’s largest coal traders, Cyprus company Carbo One. The next chapter in the Swedbank data leak shows how Carbo One and one of the wealthiest men in Russia, Iskander Makhmudov, who has no formal...

Programs of Estonian parties too unspecific about sources of financing

26.02.2019, 5:19

Speaking at a roundtable of the Estonian Banking Association on Tuesday, macro analysts of Estonian commercial banks observed that political parties list too few specific promises in their pre-election programs and are not specific enough in showing the...

Academic committee to launch procedure for declaring Vakra's thesis plagiarism

26.02.2019, 5:16

The academic committee of Tallinn University found overlaps without references in the bachelor's thesis of Estonian politician Rainer Vakra and is to launch proceedings for declaring the work as plagiarism.

Kallas cannot find a place for Ratas in her government

25.02.2019, 5:04

If Kaja Kallas became prime minister, she would be hard-pressed to place current PM Jüri Ratas in her cabinet – she has not yet discovered Ratas to have any competencies. She sees herself as having the necessary skills to run at least three ministries.

Former minister’s family business transferred millions to shell companies

25.02.2019, 4:55

Companies belonging to former interior minister Ain Seppik and his sons Sulev and Siim have transferred millions of dollars to shell companies with ties to several infamous money laundering schemes. Sulev Seppik maintains the transactions are real and...

Independence Day speech by President of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid

24.02.2019, 6:42

My dear Estonians! Happy Independence Day!

Browder’s partner: we knew money also moved to Swedbank

22.02.2019, 4:56

Swedish public broadcaster revealed on Wednesday last how Swedbank might have facilitated extensive and systemic money laundering that went on for nearly a decade and was tied to the Baltic units of Danske Bank.

Pictures and video: men rescue wolf they mistake for a dog

21.02.2019, 4:41

Estonian construction workers saved what they believed was a dog but later turned out to be a wolf trapped on the ice on the Sindi dam. Rando Kartsepp, Robin Sillamäe and Erki Väli are doing dredging work on the dam. When they arrived at the site this...

Shady dealings at Swedbank Estonia worth €180 million

21.02.2019, 4:34

A small office on the fourth floor of the Rävala Ärimaja in the heart of Tallinn houses one of Estonia’s most successful wholesalers Formus Baltic OÜ. The company that started out in 2008 boasted sales revenue of 716 million kroons (over €45 million) in...

Money laundering connected with Danske suspected at Swedbank

20.02.2019, 5:53

According to the Swedish public broadcaster SVT, extensive and systematic money laundering is suspected tp have taken place at the Swedish lender Swedbank, which lasted for nearly a decade and was connected with the Baltic units of Danske Bank.

Jüri Ratas hopes never to become arrogant

20.02.2019, 5:49

Leader of the Center Party Jüri Ratas is playing for keeps: he wants to form the next government and continue as prime minister. Ratas hopes that his family and friends will warn him should he start to exhibit signs of haughtiness.

Who pays for parties’ promises?

19.02.2019, 3:50

An analysis of election promises by the Ministry of Finance found that while political forces like to make costly promises, parties pay little mind to how to pay for them, at least in the runup to elections.

Financial Supervision Authority issues precept to Danske Bank to stop operating in Estonia

19.02.2019, 1:48

The management board of the Financial Supervision Authority on Tuesday issued a precept to Danske Bank prohibiting the branch of the bank from operating in Estonia.

Military industry falling behind technological development

18.02.2019, 3:52

President Kersti Kaljulaid’s highlights from this year’s Munich Security Conference include a feeling of sisterhood created during her breakfast with Advisor to the U.S. President Ivanka Trump and the new leader of Germany’s conservatives Annegret...

Haapsalu-Noarootsi ice road open for some 3 hrs before being closed due to thaw

15.02.2019, 4:21

The Estonian Road Administration before noon on Friday opened this year's first ice road between the northwestern regional capital of Haapsalu and the Noarootsi peninsula but closed it approximately three hours later due to warm weather and a high traffic...