COVID-19 reaches Estonia from Iran through Riga

28.02.2020, 12:07

Thursday morning brought the first positive case of the COVID-19 virus in Estonia when an Iranian citizen who lives in Estonia returned from a business trip to Iran.

Linnahall to be developed by neighbors

27.02.2020, 4:47

The Tallinn Linnahall building that has been empty for the past ten years has found developers in Baltic Sea shipping giant Tallink and its majority shareholders’ investment firm Infortar. A mutual intentions agreement between the companies and the city of...

First case of coronavirus diagnosed in Estonia

27.02.2020, 4:43

Minister of Social Affairs Tanel Kiik said that the first case of COVID-19 was diagnosed in Estonia on Thursday morning.

Estonian ministry advises against travel to coronavirus affected regions of Italy, Spain

26.02.2020, 2:20

The Estonian Foreign Ministry has issued an advisory to residents to refrain from travel to the regions of Italy and Spain affected by the spread of the coronavirus. 

EKRE pharmacy reform changes fail

26.02.2020, 2:17

The Riigikogu decided on Tuesday to reject a bill by the Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) and Center Party politician Jaanus Karilaid to amend and effectively cancel Estonia’s pharmacy reform. Draft legislation was rejected with 46 votes to 42.

Siim Kallas would have lobby register

25.02.2020, 10:55

Former vice president of the European Commission and the man who spearheaded the creation of the EU lobby register Siim Kallas finds that creating a similar register in Estonia is becoming increasingly sensible. As evidenced, according to Kallas and among...

Independence Day speech by President of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid

24.02.2020, 8:41

President of the Republic of Estonia at the Estonian Independence Day Reception, Ugala Theater February 24, 2020.

Constitutional committee supports adoption of pension law in unchanged form

21.02.2020, 12:02

The constitutional committee of the Estonian parliament on Thursday discussed the bill of amendments to the Funded Pensions Act and other associated acts President Kersti Kaljulaid decided not to promulgate and proposed to pass the bill again in unchanged...

Huawei lobbyist attends Isamaa Huawei threat briefing

21.02.2020, 11:58

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (MKM), the Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service and the Government Office held a series of briefings for members of the Riigikogu on the Electronic Communications Act to explain dangers associated with...

Ilves: I hope the West is not over yet

20.02.2020, 12:02

Triumphalism in 1991, according to which the West had won, is largely the cause of its troubles 30 years on, President Toomas Hendrik Ilves says in an interview given to Postimees at the Munich Security Conference.

Eesti Energia to buy Tootsi wind farm property for €51.5 million

19.02.2020, 12:10

An auction by State Forest Manager RMK for the plot of a would-be wind farm in Tootsi in western Estonia was won by state-owned energy group Eesti Energia with a bid of €51.5 million.

Chinese embassy demands Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service redo security report

18.02.2020, 2:12

The Chinese embassy in Estonia has criticized the recent security report of the Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service, which, among other things, covers threats originating from China. 

Yandex.Taxi operating illegally in Estonia

18.02.2020, 2:09

While Estonia’s third largest ride hailing platform Yandex.Taxi started already on May 1, 2018, Estonian authorities have only now discovered the company lacks proper documentation in Estonia. Passenger transport service providers must have a taxi license in...

Kaljulaid: Europe should be able to rely on itself more

17.02.2020, 12:27

Because China needs to be paid more attention on the global level, Europe must be better able to contain Russia and other regional threats, President Kersti Kaljulaid says in an interview given at the Munich Security Conference.

Agreement for honoring the dead not an obstacle for studying Estonia wreck

14.02.2020, 11:04

Legal representative of the loved ones of victims of the ferry MS Estonia Piret Blankin says that the aim of the agreement for not disturbing the site of the shipwreck is to protect it from looters and that it does not prohibit investigations. Blankin appeared...

Competition: Flixbus will find the Baltic market difficult

14.02.2020, 10:51

Competitors believe Europe’s largest coach operator Flixbus will have a hard time on the Baltic market as international lines have to compete with cheap airline tickets. Operators have dialed back Tallinn-Berlin lines as they have not proved profitable.

Russia stationing modern arms on its western border

13.02.2020, 11:13

Russian efforts over close to the past decade have come to fruition. Forces stationed around the Baltic countries are far stronger than anything Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania can muster, counting allied units in the region.

Estonia to create new digital identification tool

12.02.2020, 2:16

Estonia is set to announce a procurement for a new electronic identification tool for residents and e-residents this year, while people could get the opportunity to vote using mobile devices at the next elections, Lauri Aasmann, head of the State Information...

47th Tartu Marathon cancelled due to lack of snow

11.02.2020, 10:33

Organizers of the Tartu cross-country ski marathon decided that the 47th Tartu Maraton, initially scheduled to take place on February 16, will be cancelled due to lack of snow while those interested are welcome to take part in a walking hike dedicated to the...

EKRE calls for making principles of higher education financing more Estonia-centered

11.02.2020, 10:29

The Estonian Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) wishes to change the principles of financing of Estonian universities to make them more centered on the Estonian people and raise the level of higher education funding to 1.5 percent of GDP.

Estonian businessman Linnamäe prepared to give up pharmacies, to submit claim to state

10.02.2020, 11:03

Margus Linnamäe, owner of pharmaceutical wholesaler and retailer Magnum, upon entry into force of the pharmacy reform is to hand over the Apotheka pharmacies of Terve Pere Apteek OÜ to the pharmacists currently working in the company and will also submit a...

President decides not to promulgate pension reform law

10.02.2020, 10:57

Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid on Friday did not promulgate a law aiming to make the second pension pillar voluntary, citing inconsistencies with the Constitution as the reason for her decision.

Estonian twins’ incredible career at NASA

10.02.2020, 10:51

Two twin brothers from Estonia became top developers of NASA space technology during a career spanning 50 years. Arthur Ruitberg, nine minutes younger than his brother Edward, built devices for the Cassini spacecraft and the Mars rover that’s still on the...

Language requirements for Bolts and Wolts

07.02.2020, 12:26

The Language Inspectorate is putting pressure of decision-makers for legislation to be updated in order to protect the Estonian language by requiring rental labor to comply with language requirements.

Half of patrol policemen have fallen asleep behind the wheel

06.02.2020, 2:30

Almost half of patrol policemen admit having had episodes of microsleep while behind the wheel of an alarm vehicle. Even though police officers’ work schedule theoretically ensures enough downtime both before and after shifts, patrolmen get so tired they...