Estonians embezzled millions from Finland

23.01.2019, 5:53

Estonian businessmen stole over four million euros from the Finnish state and used shell companies in Estonia to launder the money. The scheme benefited its puppet masters at the expense of cash-strapped construction workers who were sent to do the dirty work.

Terras to work for Milrem Robotics

22.01.2019, 5:57

Gen. Riho Terras, former commander of the Estonian defense forces, is to head the defense division of Estonian unmanned vehicles manufacturer Milrem Robotics.

Estonia-Latvia joint packaging solution complicated

22.01.2019, 5:54

The idea for a common deposit-subjected package handling system for Estonia and Latvia is likely the most ambitious joint venture between the two countries after Rail Baltic. It is also expected to be the source of as much headache and antagonism.

Women’s march sees 600 participants

21.01.2019, 5:19

Approximately 600 people participated in the first Women's March in Estonia that took place in Tallinn on Saturday.

Broken stock overlooked

21.01.2019, 5:15

The tender for new small arms for the army and police force suffered a setback last Thursday. The public procurement dispute committee invalidated the victory of a U.S. arms manufacturer as the state failed to challenge two claims by a company that made a...

Ten parties, 18 independents register for March elections

18.01.2019, 2:56

The National Electoral Committee received applications for registration of candidates and candidate lists from ten political parties and 18 independent candidates by the Thursday evening deadline.

Sputnik’s secret network had 13 pages aimed at Estonia

18.01.2019, 2:55

A secret network of Russian propaganda publication Sputnik that came to light yesterday included eight Facebook pages aimed squarely at Estonia. Another five pages treated with the Baltics in general.

EKRE sees no problem with trolling

17.01.2019, 5:13

Head of the youth organization of the Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) Blue Awakening Ruuben Kaalep admitted that he knowingly engages in social media trolling using fake accounts. EKRE chairman Martin Helme does not see this as a problem.

Kallas to look for compromise

17.01.2019, 5:10

Even though education is a matter close to the heart of Estonia 200 leader Kristina Kallas, she cannot imagine herself fighting for the post of education minister: ideas can also be realized by someone else.

Support for Estonia 200 falls to 2 percent after poster campaign

16.01.2019, 10:24

Support for Estonia 200, the newly established political party that has consistently remained above the election threshold since fall of 2018, has fallen to 2 percent after the party's poster campaign in central Tallinn, it appears from the results of a survey...

Trolls penetrate major daily’s opinion section

16.01.2019, 10:19

Comments sections of social media sites hold entries by dozens of fake personas two of whom managed to get published by Eesti Päevaleht. Signs point to fake accounts having ties with Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) youth organization Blue Awakening.

PERH first to join country-wide digital registration system

16.01.2019, 10:13

The North Estonia Medical Center (PERH) is the first medical institution in Estonia to implement the country-wide digital registration system launched on Tuesday.

Hussar: decision might have come a little late

16.01.2019, 10:09

Lauri Hussar, who announced his resignation from the post of editor-in-chief of Postimees yesterday and is set to join Estonia 200 and run for parliament in the March elections, says Priit Alamäe invited him to join the party only last week. «The decision to...

Mission of Estonia 200 to be party of reforms

14.01.2019, 11:14

The mission of Estonia 200 is to be the party of reforms, leader of the newly established political party Kristina Kallas said at the party's pre-election convention held at Haven Kakumäe in Tallinn on Sunday.

Facebook takes on Kremlin trolls

14.01.2019, 11:12

Facebook has set about deleting the fake accounts behind the factious Estoners group Postimees shed light on two weeks ago. But the dragon has many heads: dubious social media profiles already number around one hundred.

17 criminals join Center in a few months

12.01.2019, 3:45

The Center Party announced with pride in October of last year how the party will automatically evict members with criminal punishments in the future. Just a few months later, the prime minister’s party has seen new members include the most criminals.

Reform Party retakes polls lead

10.01.2019, 12:30

The rating of the Estonian opposition Reform Party, after falling by a third last year, exhibited an upward spike in January and now exceeds support for the coalition Center Party by 1.1 percentage points, it appears from a survey commissioned by BNS and...

Plastic bag money wounds reopened

10.01.2019, 12:29

Former top centrist Evelyn Sepp admitted that she donated money the origin of which was unknown to her to the Center Party in 2006. The former politician claimed other members also engaged in the practice but refused to name names.

State has spent hundreds of thousands on Liberty Manor

10.01.2019, 9:05

The now abandoned plan to renovate the Liberty manor complex in Tallinn’s Rocca al Mare borough as the new presidential residence has cost Estonia at least €354,000.

Rape at home pushed young woman into world of prostitution

10.01.2019, 9:03

The last decade of the previous century was a difficult time for many, both financially and personally, and the 1990s can be described as the golden age of prostitution in Estonia. If today, it is believed there are around 300 active prostitutes in Estonia,...

State aiming for record fine revenue

08.01.2019, 12:06

According to the state budget, the interior ministry plans to collect €17 million in fines this year. Planned fines revenue has never grown so abruptly from one year to the next as the state is looking to collect an additional €3 million in fines compared...

Estonia 200 provocative posters

08.01.2019, 12:03

Yesterday saw a series of provocative posters put up in the Hobujaama tram stop in downtown Tallinn that urged Estonians and Russians to side with their own at upcoming elections. Estonia 200 is the only political party that did not deny ties to the posters.

EKRE aiming for 30 Riigikogu seats

07.01.2019, 12:25

The council of the Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) approved its list of candidates and ambitious platform for the March Riigikogu elections at a meeting in Tallinn this Saturday.

Estonian ministry says €112 million Tallinn ring railway not necessary

04.01.2019, 3:27

The Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications has for the time being dropped the plan to build a bypass railway of Tallinn for an estimated 112 million euros, finding that there is no need for such railway.

Swedish defense contractor has Defense Forces over a barrel

03.01.2019, 4:10

Estonia planned to refit cheap CV90 chassis procured from Norway as support armored vehicles for the Scouts Battalion but finds itself victim to the monopoly of a major manufacturer. The tender was written off on the last day of the year, support vehicles will...

Jeroen Bult: Azov, Marrakesh and Champs Élysees

31.12.2018, 8:01

While most of the «old», western EU members states were following their soft security instincts and were preoccupied by the forthcoming Katowice (climate) and Marrakesh (migration) summits, the «new», eastern member states were, once again, unpleasantly...

Do Kevin, Oskar and Oksana want to meddle in our elections?

31.12.2018, 7:22

On Wednesday of the week before Christmas, when the attention of the media was captivated by the detention of suspects in the Danske Bank money laundering criminal investigation, the Propastop blog published a post concerning fake news circulated in social...

Objektiiv importing Orbanism using donations

28.12.2018, 12:15

Analysts find that traditional values portal Objektiiv feeds confrontation and helps spread radical messages from foreign sources known for willingly misleading audiences.

Russia could charge millions for maintaining frequency

27.12.2018, 1:18

Estonia’s wish to leave the Russian power system gives the latter the opportunity to charge its neighbor millions for regulation of frequency as transmission network operator Elering estimates it would cost Estonia up to €30 million a year to ensure equal...

TOP 10 articles at 2018

27.12.2018, 11:58

The more read articles in Postimees Online were in 2018:

Alleged money launderer denies scheming

21.12.2018, 5:40

Even though alleged participants of the Danske money laundering affair detained earlier this week have so far kept from commenting on suspicions, the first details are beginning to swim to the surface. One client manager is believed to have earned hundreds of...

Prosecution cracks first link in Danske money laundering chain

20.12.2018, 2:17

The prosecution broke down one of the defensive walls of Danske money launderers yesterday when it brought suspicions against the bank’s former foreign client managers and their head. Six former Danske Estonia employees were detained on Tuesday and four more...

Jens Stoltenberg: replacing NATO with EU defense cooperation impossible

19.12.2018, 6:13

The European Union cannot replace NATO not only because 80 percent of allied defense spending will come from outside the union after Brexit, but also for geographical reasons, Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg told Postimees in an interview Monday.

10 Danske ex-employees suspected of laundering money in Georgia, Azerbaijan

19.12.2018, 1:19

The ten persons detained in connection with alleged money laundering at the Estonian branch of Danske Bank mostly worked as relationship managers and all of them are accused of money laundering; the amount of dirty money being spoken about totals 300 million...

Jüri Ratas: Center a liberal party

18.12.2018, 5:02

Prime Minister Jüri Ratas is not one to throw in the towel when things are going south but will rather turn the ship around. The prime minister gave the interview in Stenbock House on December 10.

From paper to battle in four years

17.12.2018, 4:34

Four years ago, two engineers were given a pencil and paper and set about fleshing out Milrem’s unmanned ground vehicle. Today, the company is working with the top dogs of the defense industry. Milrem’s THeMIS is a European favorite and is being tested by...

Traffic violators to be sent black Christmas cards

14.12.2018, 2:03

The police have mailed 432 black Christmas cards urging drivers to change their behavior behind the wheel. 32 people will receive the card for the second year in a row.

Migration pact cost Reform Party polls lead

13.12.2018, 5:13

The Reform Party, after spending months at the top of party ratings, has lost six points since November and hands the lead to the ruling Center Party in December. The Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) and Pro Patria have both gained around 3 points since...

Politicians pledge increased research and development funding

13.12.2018, 5:10

Estonian parties are set to sign a document that promises to boost research and development funding to an unprecedented level next Wednesday.

PERH continues working with corrupt cartel

12.12.2018, 7:30

A construction cartel that was paid millions by the North Estonia Regional Hospital (PERH) was only fined a few thousand euros for illegal practices and continues to perform contracts for the hospital.

MPs create support group against political competitor

12.12.2018, 7:27

Eighteen members of parliament have created a support group for the movement Estonia 200 Memory Bank. MPs say the aim of the initiative is to protect a cultural trademark a recently created party uses as its name.

Ferry mistake should be avoided with trains

11.12.2018, 6:55

Merike Saks, who has worked at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications for over 15 years and served as its secretary general for the past four, had been thinking about giving up the life of a public servant for some time.

Alli Rutto to get an Estonian passport

11.12.2018, 6:50

Several months and several rejections later, Abkhazia resident Alli Rutto has reason to be pleased – officials have thought of a way to renew her expired passport. Her son can pick up Rutto’s passport this week.

Cyber fortress Estonia teaching the world

10.12.2018, 6:38

Political news portal Politico published its list of the most influential people in Europe next year last week, with fifth place going to Estonia’s cybersecurity ambassador Heli Tiirmaa-Klaar.

Patience of Tallinna Vesi clients running out

07.12.2018, 5:33

The patience of many of the capital’s homeowners is wearing thin as a prolonged and complicate dispute has still not managed to determine how much a cubic meter of water should cost in Tallinn. Water utility Tallinna Vesi AS could be looking at a lawsuit.

Wreckage tells a story of heroism from the past

07.12.2018, 2:40

A few dozen kilometers northwest of the island of Hiiumaa lies the submerged wreck of a Soviet bomber the story following the discovery of which trumps many an adventure novel.

State looking to tax renters

06.12.2018, 6:36

The Tax and Customs Board (MTA) and accommodation online marketplace Airbnb have signed an agreement that will see the latter make it possible for renters to conveniently share their income with the board that will then be added to people’s income tax...

Terrorist content must be taken down within one hour

06.12.2018, 6:34

Even though terrorism threat level remains low in Estonia, terrorist propaganda posts have made their way onto Estonian sites. To combat this kind of content, the European Commission wants to pass regulation that would order administrators to remove...

Tallinn against moving bus terminal

05.12.2018, 10:27

Tallinn city government finds that it is not reasonable to relocate the Tallinn Bus Station to the Ülemiste district near Tallinn Airport and that it should be left in its current location on Lastekodu Street.

Lugna wants €25 million for crisis

05.12.2018, 10:23

The Ministry of the Interior has proposed the creation of a fund to help Estonia prepare for serious crises. Secretary General Lauri Lugna says that the proposal does not mean the ministry is expecting a particular crisis but admits that the likelihood of...