Police to procure one thousand assault rifles

26.07.2017, 1:14

The Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) has decided to drop its plan of procuring submachine guns and will buy around one thousand assault rifles instead.

Agriculture hasn’t bounced back from Russian sanctions

26.07.2017, 1:07

CEO of Tere dairy at the time Oliver Kruuda reported in April of 2015 that he has exported a hundred tons of milk powder to Japan in what was a media field day. Six months prior, Russia had countered EU sanctions with a set of its own, aimed chiefly at primary...

Adm. reform to turn Pärnu into Estonia’s biggest city

25.07.2017, 2:16

The completion of Estonia’s administrative-territorial reform this fall will dethrone Tallinn as the largest city in the country, with the title going to Pärnu after the merger of four local governments will leave it occupying an area several times that of...

ID-cards of 400,000 people might not work properly soon

25.07.2017, 2:14

A wave of identity theft cases has forced software giants and the European Union to introduce more stringent security requirements in order to ensure e-safety. For Estonians, this comes in the form of having to update ID-card certificates, which nearly 400,000...

Pilots would procure a cheaper chopper

25.07.2017, 6:22

If today the state is considering procuring another large rescue helicopter, experienced pilots describe the move as senseless. What Estonia needs is a smaller chopper that would only handle emergency response flights.

Mustamäe inventor: I invented the modern smartphone

25.07.2017, 6:18

Finnish inventor living in Tallinn’s Mustamäe borough, Johannes Väänänen, says he is the inventor of the modern smartphone. He often wonders whether he has done mankind a disservice.

Analysts recommend buying Tallink shares

21.07.2017, 1:36

Analysts of banks operating in Estonia rather recommend buying the shares of Tallink, which announced on July 19 its seeking for a new major investor, but warn against making important decisions based on a single report.

Tallink amounts to one third of the Tallinn stock exchange

21.07.2017, 1:32

Tallink announced late on July 19 that it is initiating a process of finding potential strategic options for the shipping firm, which essentially means that Tallink is put up for sale.

No one is using too much poison

20.07.2017, 1:50

Although the use of plant protection chemicals in Estonia's fields has increased by a fifth within five years, according to figures, the farmers assure that no one is going to use more toxic chemicals on their fields voluntarily, since the chemicals already...

Tallink seeking for major investor

20.07.2017, 1:39

The listed company Tallink Grupp AS informed the stock exchange that they have initiated  “a process for exploring strategic options”, which could mean that a large share of the enterprise is for sale.

World rally championship can come suddenly like the World Cup skiing

19.07.2017, 5:53

If the impossible dream should come true and Rally Estonia is included in the 2018 rally world championship calendar, the organizers of Estonia’s most prominent racing event must be able to draw up the high-ranking competition’s program at a moment’s...

Ivar Must claims 50,000 euros for a tune

19.07.2017, 5:49

The composer Ivar Must has sued the large enterprise Põltsamaa Felix, for the latter, according to Must, refuses to pay the composer for its signature tune, “Põltsamaa, ehtne ja hea”, which it has been using without permission for the last 22 years.

The government decided to close Pärnu railway from 2019

18.07.2017, 4:18

The last train will leave from Lelle to Pärnu and back on December 31, 2018; rail traffic to Pärnu will be discontinued from January 1 until the completion of Rail Baltic, the government decided at its July 17 session, which discussed the future of railways...

Migration quota troubles politicians

18.07.2017, 4:13

Everyone admits that the quota system established back in the 1990s, according to which aliens are allowed to enter the country, is outdated. Officials of the Ministry of the Interior have offered solutions but since the subject is uncomfortable to...

Estonian rail cars will run on Putin’s railways

17.07.2017, 4:49

The carriage leasing plan of the state-owned company EVR Cargo is the first Estonian large-scale investment in the Russian market – a market where no private firm dares to enter due to its hidden hazards. Several experts describe the move as a state-owned...

The threat of terror is still very high

17.07.2017, 4:44

Interview with Julian King, European Union Commissioner for Security Union.

The Russian claiming to be Estonian

14.07.2017, 5:00

Russian citizen Georgi Simul (54), who was born in St. Petersburg and is still residing there, had no close ties with Estonia only a few years ago. However, as it happened, he is now considering himself an Estonian citizen by birth and has gone to court to...

Dangerous shortage of rescue helicopters

14.07.2017, 4:51

This Tuesday and Wednesday there were no helicopters in readiness in Estonia to rescue people in peril at sea or to fly critically ill patients to hospital. The Police and Border Guard Board, which is constantly maneuvering between technical maintenance...

EU presidency does not come cheap

13.07.2017, 4:37

Organizing the EU presidency in the old Tallinn power station called Kultuurikatel has required the investment of much effort and a lot of money. Numerous enterprises are cooperating in order to make everything run smoothly and pleasantly for the European...

Center Party places Savisaar on the top of candidates list

13.07.2017, 4:34

The extended board of the Center Party discussed last week offering Edgar Savisaar the number one place in the local election list of candidates and unanimously decided that if the ex-chairman should want to stand in Tallinn, he should head the list.

Rescue Board to send 3 bomb disposal vehicles as humanitarian aid to Ukraine

12.07.2017, 2:44

Three multifunctional bomb disposal vans previously used by the Estonian Rescue Board will soon be sent to Ukraine as humanitarian aid.

Tõniste: chairing the Ecofin meeting was ten times easier than I expected

12.07.2017, 12:49

Chairing one of the most important meetings of the European Union was easier than expected, said Estonia’s Minister of Finance Toomas Tõniste, who was criticized for his command of English at the European Union council of  ministers of economy and finance...

Chechen Salauddin protected the Estonian ambassador

12.07.2017, 10:43

A debt of honor has been pursuing me for years: to write about Salauddin Islamov, whose name is quite unknown in Estonia. Yet this man pays an important role in the history of Estonia’s diplomacy, since he was the sole citizen of Russia, who physically...

Export growth was brought by hard work and favorable times

11.07.2017, 4:27

According to the Statistical Office, the export of goods increased 15 percent in this May over year. The most exported items were electrical equipment, timber and wooden products and mineral products.

Quadruplets instead of fourth child

11.07.2017, 4:25

Sunday, July 9, will go down in history for East Tallinn Central Hospital (ITK) and for the whole country as the day when a miracle was born – quadruplets.

Domestic tourism may face problems

10.07.2017, 4:30

Estonia’s domestic tourism is likely to continue its rapid growth this year, yet obstacles are appearing in the path of the success story: ever more people vote against bad weather by buying budget air tickets and money travels across the border, while only...

Small breweries thinking how to reduce the cost of beer

10.07.2017, 4:28

Estonia’s small breweries have seen amazing growth in a couple of years, but are still wondering how to reduce the cost of expensive craft beer and reach more consumers.

More vigorous response to the migration crisis

07.07.2017, 5:14

Tallinn hosts the informal meeting of the EU ministers of justice and the interior yesterday and today. Yesterday's main issues were migration problems, the situation in Ukraine and cooperation. The ministers agreed to address the immigration problem in a more...

New map of Estonia: 15 cities, 64 municipalities

07.07.2017, 5:11

The government made yesterday the final decisions about Estonia's administrative division for at least the next few years – after the autumn elections there will be 15 cities and 64 municipalities in Estonia. 

Nobody wants to take responsibility for foreigners working on construction sites

06.07.2017, 4:36

Kristjan Mitt, board member of the building firm Mitt & Perlebach, admits honestly: « I do not even know the laws regulating the registration of foreign labor». Yet Ukrainians and Georgians are working on the construction site of his firm as Postimees...

Loggers damaged ancient grave sites

06.07.2017, 4:18

Loggers in Võru county damaged ancient grave sites and dug out human remains, inspectors of the National Heritage Board recently discovered. The owner of the land plot, the forestry form AS Dammix, promises to liquidate the damage caused.

Eenma is suspected of criminal negligence

05.07.2017, 5:57

The case of Raine Eenma, a former employee of the Government Office, who is suspected of either disclosing a state secret or giving access to it, came as a shock to his former colleagues. Eenma handled documents from the Internal Security Service and the...

Syrian burn victim wants to live in Germany

05.07.2017, 5:39

The Syrian woman, who suffered serious burn injuries in early March, has come out of coma and has been dreaming for more than a month about traveling to her relatives in Germany with her daughter.

Terror in Chechnya is caused by social protest

04.07.2017, 10:56

Youths declaring themselves supporters of the ISIS extremist organization have carried out five attacks during half a year, but unlike the terrorist attacks in Western Europe these were ill-prepared and did not cause many victims.

Wind farm developers claim compensation from the state

03.07.2017, 3:29

If the state should forbid the construction of modern wind turbines in East Viru county, the furious developers claim 1.2 billion euros compensation.

Safest festival of all times

03.07.2017, 3:23

The visits of the US presidents to Estonia became historic with their strict security standards, which were nevertheless more relaxed than those of the song and dance festival parade – no other public event has seen such security.

Boy who missed his dad fell from fourth floor

01.07.2017, 10:21

The nine-year-old boy, who fell out of the window of a four-storey house in Pärnu on Victory Day (June 23) and landed on the roof of a lower part of the building, had hoped to reach his hospitalized father by climbing from one windowsill to another. Now the...

Fake doctor «treated» patients for five years

29.06.2017, 5:56

The final act of a story, which shocked the medical community, took place last week as the Harju county court gave Igor Smirnov (31) a five-year suspended prison sentence, yet he is free again since yesterday.

Pact with Toom turns Ratas into a hostage

29.06.2017, 5:50

The meetings between the Center Party chairman Jüri Ratas and the leader of the so-called «three sisters' electoral bloc», MEP Yana Toom, which have been going on for the past two-three weeks, apparently postponed the forming of the competing list of...

The white willow farce had a violent end

29.06.2017, 9:26

The stretch of Paldiski road near the Haabersti crossroads was closed to traffic early yesterday (June 27) morning and the tree-cutting action was launched, which lasted a whole eight hours.

Parking software comparable to Uber created in Estonia

29.06.2017, 9:23

The Estonian software developer NOW! Innovations, which two years ago was bought by the French concern Infra Park, is working hard in the Baltika block in Tallinn to become in the next few years a global leader among parking environment payment operators.

Trad. Attack! poised to conquer the world

27.06.2017, 6:07

The Guardian rated their new album «Kullakarva» as four points out of five and predicted that these traditional musicians, who enjoy a rock star status at home, will become the band of the summer. The prestigious fRoots asks whether Estonia (and bagpipes)...

Third minority government looming for Estonia

27.06.2017, 5:56

The already fragile ruling coalition was further weakened yesterday (June 26) and on Thursday or Friday at the latest the unexpectedly opened political week will be sealed by the Center Party dissidents, who will announce their own list of candidates for the...

The OP bank is seeking for growth opportunities in Estonia

27.06.2017, 5:51

The subsidiary of the BO Bank, which has been operating in Estonia quite unnoticed, has significantly increased its number of clients and , according to manager Hannes Kaadu (HK), would like to invest even more in exporting enterprises.

The Center Party risks splitting up

27.06.2017, 5:49

If there is a gun on the stage, it is bound to go off: the creator of the Center Party, Edgar Savisaar, is expected to announce in the next couple of days that he will participate in the local election with his own list, i.e. the ongoing court case is just a...

Political decision will send soldiers into action

22.06.2017, 2:57

The Russian threat is not constant but depends on our own actions, believes new Minister of Defense Jüri Luik (IRL). One guarantee of NATO Article V is Estonia’s success in merging the allied battalion with its own defense forces.

EKRE becomes Estonia's 3rd most popular party in June

21.06.2017, 5:28

The Conservative People's Party (EKRE) became Estonia's third most popular party in June, it appears from a survey taken by Kantar Emor for BNS and Postimees.

Seeder hopes to win back supporters

21.06.2017, 5:22

The integration process has stopped in Estonia, Pro Patria Res Publica Union (IRL) chairman Helir-Valdor Seeder finds. He is convinced primarily Russian-speaking local governments can hide voters sporting national-conservative views.

Suspects oblivious of stabbing

20.06.2017, 11:32

The four suspects in Dmitri Ganin’s murder investigation swore that while kitchen knives were passed around in the defense of the Woodstock bar in Tallinn, none of them stabbed the young man.

«Is the minister pregnant in the head?»

20.06.2017, 11:29

The fateful words that make up the headline and concern Minister of Education and Research Mailis Reps (Center Party) were uttered by head of State Real Estate Manager (RKAS) Urmas Somelar in front of a few dozen colleagues during an in-house meeting on June...